Closing Time

The time has come; Players will be closing its doors November, 23, 2014. We genuinely enjoyed serving the beautiful city of Austin for the last thirty-three years. Hopefully we were able to leave you with lasting memories, whether you were a University of Texas student looking for a quick bite between classes, or devoted state employees making your regular rounds for lunch. Owners Carlos Oliveira and Eddie Hempe along with the entire Players staff/family would like to thank everybody who has stopped by over the years.

Players was established in 1981 and rode that wave all the way to 2014. That equals 33 years, which breaks down to 1,716 weeks, which churns out 12,045 days. That time frame also translates to beautiful memories. UT students from the 80’s have been able to pass on the tradition and show their kids where to grab a burger before kickoff. Engagements to be married have taken place in the dining room as well as a wedding in the beer garden This incredible voyage wouldn’t have been possible without our customers. Thank you to all the University of Texas students and faculty, past and present. Carlos and Eddie bleed orange and haven’t missed a home football game in years. They appreciate everybody for their attendance before and after the games. Hook ‘em! We would like to acknowledge everybody nearby, all the State employees, Capitol employees and politicians, all the late night musicians and service industry people, everybody at the Frank Erwin Center, the Bullock Texas State History and Blanton Museums and all our fellow small businesses and all the neighborhood folks in the surrounding area. We can’t forget about our most resilient regulars who come every Friday night to drink pitchers of Shiner Bock and Live Oak in the beet garden. Rain or shine,, you bet your boots they are there! The BenTones and their family are as loyal as they come and we praise them for that.

Thanks to our helpful and tenderhearted staff for all their hard work. Tip of the hat to Ralph Rangel, our night manager. He’s our most polished, seasoned veteran and we appreciate his patience and true diligence over the past 27 years. It takes a certain skill set to handle the rowdy, late night bar patrons whom Ralph takes care of with ease and grace. Big thank you to the Jimenez brothers who take care of business, day in and day out. They are the familiar faces you see during the day who were the glue that held everything together during those crazy lunch and dinner rushes. Everybody who has been part of the Players workforce deserves credit.

Once again, we’d like to show our appreciation and gratitude for everybody who made this possible. Thank you very much and you’ll always be part of the Players Family. Thanks for the memories, it’s been a great run.

Players Management & Staff

Players Restaurant is a University of Texas landmark and an Austin tradition since 1981. Owners & operators, Carlos Oliveira and Eddie Hempe are both graduates of The University of Texas at Austin.

The concept is to serve quality food, fresh and hot, with a diverse menu and inexpensive prices. Players offers a convenient drive-thru and late night hours.

The restaurant is named Players because of its close proximity to all UT sporting facilities, the popularity with the UT Coaches and Athletes, and the sports featured in the dining room on the big screen TV. Players is an Austin original with a laid back vibe and a great outdoor beirgarden.

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